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To ensure that you have everything you need to start sequencing with MinION, we recommend that you view the IT and Laboratory requirements documentation.

MinION being used in the field

Buy the MinION Starter Pack

The starter pack includes everything that is needed to explore the technology and investigate the potential of real-time analysis for DNA or RNA.

PromethION flow cells cose-up

Interested in high-throughput?

Find out more about GridION Mk1 and PromethION, our larger benchtop sequencing systems.

Render of a nanopore and read signal

Learn more about nanopore sequencing

An overview of the many advantages of nanopore sequencing technology and how it offers direct, portable and scalable analysis in real-time.


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The Nanopore community helps new users get started and encourages discussion and collaborative experimentation using our disruptive technology. As a member of our community you will help shape the next generation of our products and software.