Environmental and social responsibilities

Our business was founded on the vision of making a positive impact and we are committed to understanding and improving our environmental and social performance so that we can make sure this vision is realised. This year we are launching our sustainability strategy - product, planet, people - as part of our commitment to apply a sustainability-embedded mindset to our entire value chain — from our products to our team, and to our global footprint.


Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ mission

To bring the widest benefits to society by enabling the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere.

We deliver highly differentiated, high-performance products and platforms that enable broad scientific communities to explore novel biological information and deploy it in an accessible and sustainable way to transform research, health, food, agriculture and the environment. Creating positive, lasting impact is at the core of what we do.

MinION in the field


Accessible products and sustainable innovation.



Responsible scaling to protect the planet.

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Responsible scaling to protect the planet.



Enabling solutions to challenges in health, food, and the environment.

Oxford Nanopore Education

Oxford Nanopore Education aims to make a profound impact on society by embracing inclusivity and equipping the next generation in the spirit of Oxford Nanopore Technologies' mission.

By upskilling future scientists and technologists we enable them to address and overcome some of the world’s most pressing challenges, utilising tools previously unavailable to student populations. This aligns closely with our corporate values for accessible and equitable science driven by a Community of passionate, inquisitive and engaged individuals.

Read more about our approach to Education, including our programmes and collaborations.

Plans for the future

Our sustainability strategy is inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our strategy takes into account the positive, global impact of our products, while acknowledging that we do not operate in isolation and must also account for the wider social, environmental, and economic implications of our wider business operations and value chain.

We are committed to building sustainability considerations into the foundations of our long-term growth. Our Sustainability Report provides an update on our progress throughout 2023 and our strategy for the future, to ensure a positive impact of our products on people and the planet.

FY23 Sustainability report