Flow cells and devices

A range of nanopore flow cells and sequencing devices are available to suit all requirements — from low-output Flongle Flow Cells to high-output PromethION Flow Cells, usable on low- to high-throughput sequencing devices. Starter packs are available from just $1,999, providing low-cost access to the benefits of short to ultra-long, native DNA and RNA sequencing reads.

Sequencing devices

From $1,999
The only portable, real-time devices for DNA and RNA sequencing, giving complete control and creativity over when, where and how often you sequence, regardless of application.
From $67,000
Compact benchtop device designed to run and analyse up to five MinION or Flongle Flow Cells
From $9,555
High-coverage nanopore sequencing in formats ranging from modular, fully-integrated devices, to high-throughput solutions. Each flow cell can deliver the lowest price per Gb for nanopore sequencing.
From $1,460
Flongle is an adapter for MinION or GridION that enables direct, real-time DNA sequencing, or cDNA sequencing on smaller, single-use flow cells.

One platform. Any scale.
Three flow cells.

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Flongle Flow Cell


Adapting MinION and GridION for smaller rapid tests and analyses.  Suitable applications include amplicons, targeted sequencing, quality control, and small test runs before scaling up

Output (Gb)
Price per GB
  • One flow cell for all your small projects, available with an adapter to fit into all MinION and GridION devices

  • Less than $90 per Flongle Flow Cell

MinION Flow Cell

MinION Flow Cell

Suitable applications include whole eukaryotic genomes, metagenomics, targeted sequencing, large transcriptomes (cDNA), and small transcriptomes (direct RNA).

Output (Gb)
Price per GB
  • Choose between DNA and direct RNA flow cells

  • MinION Flow Cell devices provide ultimate portability — plug and play into your laptop or GridION

PromethION Flow Cell

PromethION Flow Cell

Output (Gb)
Price per GB
  • Choose between DNA, direct RNA and High Duplex Flow Cells

  • Compatible with all PromethION devices, delivering scalable — from portable to benchtop — high output sequencing using 2 to 48 independently addressable/operable flow cells

Flow cells

We offer a range of flow cell types for DNA and RNA library preparation.

Library preparation kits

We offer a wide range of kits for DNA and RNA library preparation.

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In development

MinION Mk1D and iPad Accessory

  • Combines established MinION technology with leading tablet manufacturers
  • New nanopore software will run and analyse sequencing data on-tablet, whilst utilising e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 5G
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Project SmidgION


  • New platform (Flow cell and device) that utilizes the same nanopore chemistry present in our other platforms

  • Designed to enable low cost, high volume, decentralized testing using nanopore sequencing

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Streamlined and automated nanopore sequencing

Leveraging the advantages of our technology, centred around the flow cell and the compact size of our sequencers, you can automate your sequencing workflows. Our versatile automation solutions include portable and benchtop devices that are capable of sample extraction, library prep, sequencing, and even data analysis — all within a single device.

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Sample-to-answer sequencing solution:
Extract, prepare, sequence, analyse

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TraxION (coming soon)

Sample-to-sequence portable device:
Extract, prepare, sequence