Oxford Nanopore Diagnostics has been established with the goal of delivering products that transform healthcare through real-time genomics.

Oxford Nanopore's new generation of DNA/RNA sequencing technology has been serving an international community of scientific researchers since 2014, providing rich, rapid data for novel scientific analyses. Oxford Nanopore Diagnostics is a new subsidiary of Oxford Nanopore Technologies, established to facilitate the development of this technology for diagnostic applications through collaborations with clinical and industry partners in developing validated diagnostic tools.

Our portfolio of products and core technology have demonstrated utility in clinical and translational research, Oxford Nanopore Diagnostics is seeking partners interested in bringing the benefits of these technologies into diagnostic settings.

The Technology

Nanopore DNA and RNA sequencing has the potential to deliver multiple benefits



  • Powerful data outputs, real time data processing
  • Potential to generate answers in minutes to hours, rather than days to weeks

Accessible and scalable

  • From small, portable formats to installations for larger sample numbers
  • Potential for accessible, efficient workflows

Data-rich and accurate

  • Nanopore sequencing can provide accurate, broad genomic insights, from structural variation to methylation, covering all genomic regions of interest
  • Potential to focus on specific assays with high specificity and sensitivity, for a range of molec


  • Driven by electronics, nanopore sequencing has been reliably used on the international space station, Antarctica and in the jungle
  • Potential for easy-to-use, near sample workflows

Are you interested in partnering with Oxford Nanopore Diagnostics, to develop or commercialise new, groundbreaking diagnostic applications of nanopore sequencing?

Interested in finding out more about nanopore sequencing in clinical research applications? Please visit the Oxford Nanopore Technologies website

A vision for...


...infectious disease

real-time, accessible, precise, near- sample analyses

Driven by globalisation, population growth, urbanisation and climate change, infectious diseases remain major threats and a burden on human public health. Novel and seasonal, mutating and evolving pathogens, as well as growing antimicrobial resistance, challenge our capabilities to prevent diagnose, and control these threats.

Oxford Nanopore Diagnostics believes nanopore sequencing technology, which enables rapid characterisation of pathogens, can be harnessed to help combat this global thread and improve public health. This may be through pathogen identification, infection tracing, antimicrobial resistance or immune response assessment.

A translational research case study

Development and evaluation of a nanopore 16S rRNA gene sequencing service for same day targeted treatment of bacterial respiratory infection in the intensive care unit. Read more

Case study


data-rich, rapid, accessible analyses

Cancer remains the second most common cause of death globally. Genomic insights have the potential to support a number of steps of the cancer patient journey, from risk assessment and screening to detection, staging and prognosis, therapy selection and monitoring.

With increasing understanding of the complexity of the genetic variation associated with many cancers, the data-rich, rapid analyses generated using nanopore sequencing could potentially be validated to provide clinically relevant insight.

Nanopore sequencing has broad potential in oncology, with very long reads able to span large disease-causing structural variants. The option to sequence shorter fragments in the case of circulating tumour DNA, and direct characterisation of methylation is also possible for new insights.

A methylation-based approach for profiling human brain tumours using nanopore technology demonstrated 100% specificity with a turnaround time of 21 hours.

Case study


rapid, accessible, high-resolution analysis

Access to detailed and dynamic information on the nature, function and dysfunction of the human immune system is critical to the management of transplant medicine and a wide range of both infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Oxford Nanopore aims to untangle the complexity of immune gene diversity and variation by developing fast turn around time solutions that could be developed and clinically validated for use in transplant medicine, oncology and other disease areas where understanding these genes is crucial.

Long nanopore reads, capable of spanning long MHC regions, combined with rapid turnaround times are key to disrupting current medical practices such as deceased donor histocompatibility testing.

Furthermore, using the Nanopore platform, it's possible to perform single-cell, high-resolution discrimination of the hyper-diverse T and B cell immune repertoires. This could support a range of immune profiling applications such as autoimmune disease management, cancer immunotherapy, or the monitoring of vaccine effectiveness against infections such as COVID-19.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies works in partnership with Omixon to provide nanopore technology underlying product development for rapid HLA characterisation.

In a research study, a team in Canada successfully developed a rapid workflow using nanopore sequencing for HLA typing in the context of clinical transplantation. Sequencing was performed between 6h and 12h, although sufficient reads for HLA assignment were achieved within 1 hr. Read more

Case study
reproductive health

...reproductive health

accessible, rapid, data-rich insights

An abnormal quantity of chromosomes, referred to as aneuploidy, is the leading cause of miscarriage.

Oxford Nanopore allows identification of an abnormal quantity of chromosomes, which, if validated, is likely to enable assessment of aneuploidy status in under 6.5 hours, from day 5 trophectoderm biopsies to sample report.

Real-time sequencing with Oxford Nanopore is low cost and highly scalable, enabling labs to conduct rapid aneuploidy research in-house.

consumer genomics

...consumer genomics

rapid turnaround, rich insights

Consumer genomics is an emerging industry that can support consumers with access to their own personal genomic information for a variety of purposes. As it becomes possible to sequence DNA/RNA in more accessible, faster devices, that provide rich data, the possibilities for individuals to benefit may expand.