Oxford Nanopore launches cDNA analysis, for full length transcripts

Oxford Nanopore has today launched two new sequencing kits, for direct or PCR cDNA analysis. This means that nanopore technology can now be used for a full range of RNA analyses, including:

  • Direct RNA Sequencing Kit
    For the first time RNA can be sequenced directly, giving new insights including base modifications
  • PCR cDNA Sequencing Kit
    A simple high-throughput workflow, generating full-length cDNA for isoform quantification and identification
  • Direct cDNA Sequencing Kit
    A simple workflow, avoiding PCR bias while providing full-length transcripts

The use of traditional sequencing technologies for RNA analysis (commonly referred to as RNA-Seq) requires the use of PCR amplification and reverse transcriptase. This can introduce bias, make the workflow complicated and does not allow epigenetic analysis. The range from Oxford Nanopore gives researchers options to be in control of their workflow with a personal sequencer, as well as overcoming these traditional problems.

These new kits are compatible with:

  • MinION: a portable personal sequencer.
  • GridION: on-demand sequencing on the benchtop.
  • PromethION: high-throughput, high sample number sequencing.

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