Nature Methods paper shows Direct RNA sequencing

A Nature Methods paper, published today, shows that nanopore sequencing can be used to perform direct RNA sequencing, giving real-time sequence data without the need for reverse transcription or amplification steps that are known to introduce biases.  Full length, strand-specific RNA sequences can be generated and the method also permits the detection of nucleotide modifications & analogues in RNA.

As well as Direct RNA sequencing kits, Oxford Nanopore also provides cDNA sequencing kits, either using PCR or PCR-Free. Read more about the technology here or see how RNA researchers are using nanopore technology for transcriptome analysis, characterisation of RNA viruses, or more.

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To find out more about today's Nature Methods paper and direct RNA sequencing with nanopore technology in general, watch the below interview with Dan Turner, VP Applications at Oxford Nanopore Technologies.