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Oxford Nanopore’s goal is to bring the widest benefits to society through enabling the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere. The company has developed a new generation of nanopore-based sensing technology. This enables the real-time, high-performance, accessible and scalable analysis of DNA and RNA and has the potential to be adapted for the analysis of other types of molecule, such as proteins. The technology is used in more than 120 countries to understand the biology of humans and diseases, plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and whole environments.


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Why Oxford Nanopore?

At Oxford Nanopore everyone plays an integral part in bringing exciting, disruptive technology to life. If you join the team you'll interact with many disciplines, work in an agile environment and join our fast-moving culture. We understand the importance of development and give all our employees equal opportunity to succeed.

Every day we see our customers break new ground using nanopore technology. We strive to support this with fast-paced innovation and we want to hear how you can personally help impact a game changing technology.


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Life at Oxford Nanopore

Our global team is dedicated to building strong working relationships across multiple disciplines, and works collaboratively with a thriving, growing community of users of our technology, so that we can improve their experience, and our products. We’re committed to recruiting people from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences and perspectives, to reflect the diversity and scientific excellence of our customers.


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"I’m proud of my job. I am proud to say to my kids what I do"

Emma, Senior Development Engineeer

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"If you love being in a place where innovation is at the centre of everything we do, this is the place to be"

Angie, Director, Technical Product Management

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"Despite it being difficult, there’s going to be tens to hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of people who are going to be impacted by that bit of work you’re doing"

Nafeesa, QC Validation

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"I think this company has developed a technology which is truly is going to change the world"

Ollie, Senior Director, OND

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Our responsibilities

“We want our technology to be accessible so that it can bring the widest benefits to society. This is especially necessary as we face increasing inequality in healthcare in society, as global challenges in food productivity and security mount, and as the consequences of climate change reach beyond the environment to include human health.”

Gordon Sanghera, CEO


Our approach to sustainability Nanopore sequencing in education

Our impact:

In May 2021, ORG. one was launched. ORG. one is a pilot-stage project designed to support faster, more localised DNA sequencing of critically-endangered species, using the latest nanopore approaches.

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Our impact: Pushing the limits of clinical research

The Nanopore Community has developed many clinical research pipelines which could offer real-time disease insights in the future. These researchers are pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. From the potential of comprehensive single cost-effective screening assays to demonstrating the feasibility of characterising tumours during surgery, in the future.

Our impact: Anything, Anyone, Anywhere

MinION offers a simple, affordable and portable approach which has enabled researchers to sequence outside of the lab for the first time, bringing sequencing provision to local communities, in resource-limited settings. Meanwhile, our compact benchtop devices offer a flexible solution for high throughput and population-scale genomics.

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Our impact: COVID-19 & variant detection

MinION has provided a rapid and affordable approach to sequencing and GridION has provided the option to scale that up, enabling over 80 nations to sequence more than 200,000 SARS-CoV-2 genomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has helped identify transmission clusters, and variants of concern, to improve public health decision making. We continue to work with the Nanopore Community on protocol optimisation, whilst supporting public health authorities globally in their fight against COVID-19.

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Our values

Our goal is to enable the analysis of anything by anyone, anywhere. The values we share at Oxford Nanopore motivate our teams to deliver on ambitious goals to develop market-leading, disruptive technology, to grow our customer communities and ensure customer success.

With a strong and ambitious culture, we value our colleague’s determination, their judgement and their ability to positively contribute to the growth of the company.


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