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PromethION 2 and PromethION 2 Solo

Flexible, high-yield nanopore sequencing for every lab


Choose PromethION 2 devices for flexible, high-yield sequencing, in a compact, accessible design. Utilising flow cells that generate hundreds of gigabases, enable PromethION-scale benefits in small to medium sized labs — including cores and commercial service providers. Suitable for users with lower sample processing requirements, up to ~200 flow cells per year.

The PromethION 2 devices allow users to explore their applications and projects, before scaling up to a PromethION 24 or PromethION 48 device if required.

The PromethION 2 Solo (P2 Solo) is now available for purchase through our store. The PromethION 2 (P2) is currently available for pre-order. For more information, see the relevant store pages.
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PromethION 2 and PromethION 2 Solo


PromethION 2 PromethION 2 Solo

Two high-yield flow cells

can be operated individually or together for flexible, on-demand sequencing

High-resolution touchscreen display

allowing complete device control


16 TB SSD and 128 GB RAM

Standalone, fully integrated device

with powerful NVIDIA A100 GPU for onboard data analysis

A self-contained benchtop nanopore sequencer containing a powerful GPU and running two high-yield PromethION Flow Cells.

Connect to GridION

or existing computer infrastucture

Two high-yield flow cells

delivering up to 580 Gb of data

Flexible, on-demand sequencing

run flow cells individually or together

A compact sequencer for two PromethION Flow Cells, utilising resource within the GridION or other suitable compute, including laptops, to quickly enable accurate, high-yield nanopore sequencing.

Flow cell specifications

100-200 Gb native gDNA reads (read N50 -25 kb)

>100 million cDNA reads for isoform-level analysis

Multiplexed sequencing of up to 96 samples with PCR or PCR-free barcoding

50-100 Gb ultra-long native DNA reads (>50 kb read N50)

>200 Gb on metagenomic samples (read N50 ~ 10 kb)

Plus: direct methylation detection, chromatin confirmation capture with Pore-C, direct RNA sequencing, read lengths from short (20 bases) to ultra long (>4 million bases)

Product documentation

PromethION 2 Solo device specs

PromethION 2 Solo Technical Specification

876 KB PDF

PromethION 2 Solo IT requirements

This details the minimum requirements for running PromethION 2 Solo via GridION, or user-provided computer

767 KB PDF

PromethION 2 Solo Quick Start Guide

217 KB PDF

Safety and regulatory information

110.7 KB PDF

Choosing the right PromethION

Not sure which PromethION device you need? See below for the number of flow cells you can run on a PromethION 2 device, a PromethION 24 or a PromethION 48 each year. Read more about our PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 devices.

PromethION 2 Device comparison