Nanopore sequencing offers advantages in all areas of research. Our offering includes DNA sequencing, as well as RNA and gene expression analysis and future technology for analysing proteins.

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Flexible, PromethION scale sequencing for every lab.

About the PromethION P2

PromethION 2 (P2) devices maintain the flexibility associated with PromethION 24 and PromethION 48 devices but in a compact, accessible form factor. They are designed for small to medium sized academic and research labs, as well as core labs and commercial service providers — delivering the benefits of high-coverage nanopore sequencing to users with lower sample processing requirements (i.e. up to four full-length sequencing runs per week/200 flow cells per year). Each flow cell has the capacity to deliver hundreds of gigabases of nanopore sequencing data and present a convenient way to rapidly enable the coverage required for the sequencing of larger genomes. Additionally, P2 devices allow users to explore applications and projects enabled by high-output nanopore sequencing, before committing to a P24 or P48 device.

PromethION 2 devices are available in two different form factors:

  • P2: a self-contained benchtop nanopore sequencer containing a powerful GPU and running two high-output PromethION Flow Cells
  • P2 Solo: a sequencing unit for two PromethION Flow Cells, utilising computational resource within the GridION Mk1, or other suitable pre-existing compute, to quickly enable high-depth nanopore sequencing with minimal outlay

P2 devices are currently available for pre-order under Early Access (links below). More information is available on the relevant store pages.

Please register your interest to be informed about latest updates​.

P2 Solo can operate from GridION Mk1 devices
PromethION 2 Solo IT Requirements
P2 P2 Solo
PromethION 2 PromethION 2 Solo
Contains on-board GPU Uses host computer or GridION Mk1 for operation
Runs 2 PromethION flow cells
Simple plug-and-play setup
Offer sequencing as a service
Register to pre-order P2 Register to pre-order P2 Solo

Which PromethION device is right for me?

Not sure which PromethION device you may want? See below for a comparison of the number of flow cells you can run on our PromethION 2, PromethION 24 (P24) and PromethION 48 (P48) devices every year. Read more about our P24 and P48 devices

PromethION Devices comparison

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