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Environmental and social responsibilities

Vision: Many of today’s unprecedented global challenges - from climate change, to health, and food security - can be positively impacted by science, and specifically a deeper understanding of biology. The positive impact of scientific understanding could be further increased by making such scientific discoveries and solutions available to more of the communities that most need them. Through our analysis technology, our operations and the way we choose to do business, we are determined to contribute ways to address such global challenges and minimise any negative impacts of our operation. 

Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ mission  

To bring the widest benefits to society by enabling the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere. 

Our mission is underpinned by seven interlinked focus areas that set out the guidelines for ensuring we contribute to the advancement of our business and society overall in a positive and inclusive manner. Our model is embedded into our product design philosophy, our manufacturing process, how we interact with suppliers, and the feedback loops we utilise with our customers—all to facilitate users to answer important biological questions and tackle local and global challenges in health and beyond. 

Plans for the future

Our business was founded on the vision of making a positive impact and we are committed to understanding and improving our environmental and social performance so that we can make sure this vision is realised. We are expanding the evaluation of our performance in all categories and will continue to improve our policies and processes to reflect this.

We are working on our first Sustainability Report and we expect to deliver it in 2023. In the meantime, navigate the pages below to discover our current impact on people and the planet, and how we are aiming to improve it further.

Corporate sustainability

What we do to reduce operational environmental harm.

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Social responsibilities

What we do to ensure equality & fairness as a company.

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Environmental applications

How our technology is used to benefit environmental causes.

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Global impact

How our technology is used to benefit social causes.

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