Complete microbial genomes for public health in Australia and Southwest Pacific

Complete genomes of microbial pathogens are essential for the phylogenomic analyses that increasingly underpin core public health lab activities. Here, we present complete genomes of pathogen strains of regional importance to the Southwest Pacific and Australia. These enrich the catalogue of globally available complete genomes for public health while providing valuable strains to regional public health labs.

Authors: Sarah L. Baines, Anders Gonçalves da Silva, Glen P Carter, Amy V. Jennison, Irani U. Rathnayake, Rikki M. A. Graham, Vitali Sintchenko, Qinning Wang, Rebecca J. Rockettd, Verlaine J. Timms, Elena Martinez, Susan Ballard, Takehiro Tomitab, Nicole Isles, Kristy A. Horan, William Pitchers, Timothy P. Stinear, Deborah A. Williamson, Benjamin P. Howdena, Communicable Diseases Genomics Network (CDGN), Torsten Seemann