Oxford Nanopore Technologies and IQVIA collaborate to improve global health outcomes by driving access to nanopore sequencing

New collaboration aims to broaden access to nanopore sequencing technology to accelerate patient diagnosis and genomic research

Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc (Oxford Nanopore), the company delivering a new generation of nanopore-based molecular sensing technology, and IQVIA, a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services in healthcare and life sciences, has announced a new collaboration that aims to improve global health outcomes by driving access to cutting-edge nanopore sequencing technology, accelerating patient diagnosis and genomic research.

The collaboration would allow IQVIA to bring nanopore sequencing into its global laboratory network to drive advances in both research and diagnostic applications, increasing the pool of available genomic data to advance new discoveries and inform clinical care decisions. It would also build global expertise within nanopore-based sequencing, a novel sensing technology that can read any-length DNA and RNA fragments and produce real-time, scalable analysis to support genomic research and rapid and cost-effective disease characterization of clinical samples.

The collaboration will kick off with proof-of-concept projects in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, starting with an initial pilot in Romania.

IQVIA’s broad network of international, expert laboratory operations across more than 100 countries would support Oxford Nanopore’s mission to increase access amongst broad scientific and clinical communities, ensuring nanopore sequencing can be rapidly rolled out where it will have the most impact.

Gordon Sanghera, CEO, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, commented:

“We are excited to collaborate with IQVIA to drive access to nanopore sequencing and improve global health outcomes by accelerating advances in biomedical research and diagnostic applications. By tapping into IQVIA’s formidable global laboratory network, we will be able to significantly expand the reach of our technology and further support our vision to enable the analysis of anything, anywhere.”