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Manuel Anguita Maeso

Unravelling the whole genome of olive antagonistic xylem-inhabiting bacteria, to fight vascular plant pathogens in olive trees

About Manuel Anguita Maeso

Manuel Anguita gained his bachelor's degree in biology at the University of Jaén, with the completion of two master’s degrees, one in education and the other in agroecology. Currently, Manuel is doing a doctoral thesis, at the Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (IAS-CSIC) in Córdoba, that focuses on characterizing the olive microbiome and the role that it can have in determining the response of the plant to xylem associated pathogens.


Nowadays, the health of olive groves is under serious threat due to an increase of diseases caused by vascular pathogens, such as Xylella fastidiosa and Verticillium dahliae. However, xylem-inhabiting microorganisms represent a promising strategy as biological control agents to control these plant pathogens. For that purpose, we tested the antagonistic activity in vitro of a bacterial collection isolated from xylem vessels of cultivated and wild olive genotypes in a high-throughput fungal-bacterial screen method. The determination of coding sequences through whole-genome sequencing might help to unravel the mechanisms behind the antagonistic activity of these xylem-inhabiting microorganisms against vascular pathogens.

Manuel Anguita Maeso

Manuel Anguita Maeso

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