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Learn more: advantages of nanopore sequencing

Nanopore sequencing is being applied to fields where portability, ease of set up, long reads and real-time analysis make a difference and where users want to control the time-to-results.

The technology is proven with a variety of input material such as genomic DNA, amplified DNA, cDNA and RNA.

  • Pocket-sized
  • Up to 512 nanopore channels
  • Simple 10-minute sample prep available
  • Many publications illustrate broad usage
  • Commercially available

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Get MinION

  • Multiple sequencing devices, one compute module
  • Use up to five MinION Flow Cells at a time
  • Benchtop processor capable of handling high data volumes in real time
  • Rapid, real-time applications such as Read Until ...

About GridION

  • Benchtop system
  • Up to 48 flow cells of 3,000 nanopore channels each
  • Simple 10-minute sample prep available
  • Flow cells may be run individually or concurrently

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About PromethION